Sergey Ermilov, Ph.D.

Sergey defended his Ph.D. thesis in August, 2005. He is currently a research associate at Fairway Medical Technologies. A synopsis of his graduate research is provided below:

We use laser tweezers to study plasma membrane mechanics on outer hair and human embryonic kidney cells. Our experiments involve: (1) recording force and displacement profiles while pulling plasma membrane tethers using optically-trapped fluorescent microspheres; (2) combined epifluorescence and transillumination microscopy for spectral separation of the cell and fluorescent microsphere images; (3) modulation of plasma membrane mechanical properties with amphipathic pharmacological agents (salicylate), extracellular osmolarity, and transfected membrane proteins (prestin). The data obtained from experimental studies is processed to be used in mechanical models

Research Interests: Biological applications of optical tweezers, optical imaging, optical methods for medical diagnostics, light-tissue interactions, biomedical optics design