Dr. Sergei M. Bachilo

Graduated from the Belarussian State University (Minsk) in 1984, specialization by education is “optics and spectroscopy”. Postgraduate courses at the Institute of Physics of the Belarus Academy of Sciences (1984-1988). Ph.D. degree (USSR) in physics and mathematics awarded in 1992 from the Institute of Physics, Belarus Academy of Sciences. The Ph.D. thesis title is “Laser Spectroscopy of Electronic Excited States in Biologically Important Polyene Compounds”.

Research and professional experience in kinetic luminescence and absorption was received in the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics (Minsk, Belarus), University of UmeŚ (Sweden), Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany) and some other scientific institutions.
The area of experimental expertise includes as application of time-resolved spectroscopic measurements with maximal available sensitivity and in very broad spectral and time scales, as well as designing and optimizing experimental systems. Subpicosecond processes were studied with absorption (pump-probe) and fluorescence (up-conversion) techniques, picosecond processes were studied with time-correlated photon counting and picosecond streak-cameras, slower processes were investigated by laser flash photolysis and conventional emission detection, and other techniques were applied if necessary.

Professional employment:


Research Scientist

From 2001

Rice University, Houston, TX

Research Associate

1998 - 2001

Rice University, Houston, TX

 Senior researcher scientist

 1994 - 1998 

 Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics,
Belarus National Academy of Sciences

 Research scientist

 1992 - 1994 

 Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics,
 Academy of Sciences of Belarus

 Junior research scientist

 1986 - 1992 

 Institute of Physics,
 Academy of Sciences of Belarus


 1984 - 1986 

 Institute of Physics,
 Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Major research interests:


        Photophysics and photochemistry fullerene compounds and their aggregates;

        Properties of singlet and triplet excited states in quasi-one-dimensional conjugated systems, polyenes at first;

        photophysics and photochemistry of biological polyenes (Schiff bases of retinal, carotenoids) and their analogs;

        electronic energy and charge transfer processes;

        photosensitized generation and photophysical properties of excited oxygen;

        time-resolved techniques.

Scientific publications:
more than 60 articles have been published in scientific journals. More than 100 abstracts and materials of scientific conferences were published.

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