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4th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Health (May 2018)

Great to see former alum of group, Prof. Xuejiao Jessica Tang, at new Nankai University campus! (May 2018)

Nankai, China (May 2018)

2015 - 2011.

Shanghai 2015

Shanghai 2015

Beijing (2013)

Some members of IIT Madras community, outside my Bose-Einstein Guest House room (Sept. 2012)

Very pleasant days visiting... where?! (Nov. 2011)

My first time to Shanghai and ECUST - super! Thanks to Marc-Olivier Coppens and Michael Baldea for photos (Oct. 2015)

A gorgeous day for a good walk in Seattle (July 2015)

Beijing (2013)

An excellent visit to DICP (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics) in China (Sept. 2013)

Enjoying one of the carved, monolithic temples of the Five Rathas with Chewang Norphel, the artificial glacier man of India (Sept. 2012)

On Lake Maggiore, at the Botanical Garden of Isole di Brissago (May 2011)

Shanghai 2015

Where in the world is Mike? (June 2014)

A beautiful day in Beijing visiting the Chinese Academy of Science for the Sino-US Joint Conference of Chemical Engineering (Oct. 2013)

At the Monuments of Mamallapuram (Sept. 2012)

The happy crew at the ACS Meeting in San Diego (March 26, 2012)

Somewhere in Ascona, Switzerland, off of Lake Maggiore (May 2011)

2010 - 2006.

Profs. Luke Lee, Jackie Ying, Kazuhiko Ishihara, Michael Wong, Ick Chan Kwon at a delicious dinner in Singapore (August 2010)

With friends at Yangtze University (May 2009)

Outside the Yang Liuqing Museum in Tianjin, China (May 2007)

Prof. Wong at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India (Jan. 2007)

With Prof. Leslie Loo (BS '94 Rice!) at NTU, almost in time for both the Youth Olympic Games and Singapore's National Day! (August 2010)

On the beautiful campus of PKU, Beijing, China (May 2009)

Tourist Wong with his daily dose of caffeine in the Forbidden City (May 2007)

At Tsinghua University (May 2007)

At the Chinese Academy of Sciences, RCEES (May 2007)

Pacifichem 2010 in Hawaii (Dec. 2010)

Binyang Tower, Jingzhou (Hubei province) in China. Lovely! (May 2009)

Prof. Wong, reflecting on his visit to Tianjin University (May 2007)

Lake Zurich... how pleasant! (June 2007)

At the G.E. Welch Center in India. We bring good things to...! (Jan. 2007)

2006 - 2002.

Mike, standing near the famous Singapore symbol (begins with "Mer" and ends with "Lion") (Feb. 2006)

With Prof. SY Lin and friends at NTUST (Feb. 2006)

Enjoying the campus lake of the National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan (Feb. 2006)

Mike and Rana, at Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad, India (Jan. 2006)

Pacifichem 2005 in Hawaii (Dec. 2005)

Wong with ex-MIT labmates at the NAM meeting in Cancun, Mexico (June 2003)

With Galen and some ex-UCSB group members (Dec. 2006)

Wong and friends, at the GOLD conference in Limerick, Ireland (Sept. 2006)

Rana (part of him) and Mike, with Prof. Grubbs and friends. At Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) in Hyderabad, India (Jan. 10, 2006)

Wong, with Dr. Dronamraju and friends, at the 93rd Indian Science Congress, Hyderabad, India (Jan. 2006)

Wong at the "Most Easterly Point" of Australia (Dec. 2004)

Taking a break from the NAM meeting, at Tulum, Mexico (June 2003)

In front of one of the most majestic macrostructures in the world, the Taj Mahal, India (Feb. 2006)

Mike, with Dr. Heather S. and Profs. Vicki C. and Pedro A. on a moutaintop in Nicaragua (Dec. 2006)

With some friends from NUS (National University of Singapore) (Feb. 2006)

Prof. Wong with President of India, Abdul Kalam, and friends from the Indo-US Symposium (March 2006)

(Really far) in front of the Kaminarimon, Tokyo, Japan (Oct. 2002)