Minor nobility (szlachta zagrodowa) in the early nineteenth century, as imagined by the Pan Tadeusz illustrator Michał Andriolli (1836–1893). Public domain.


September 2012


Vol. XXXII, No. 3


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·       Piotr Wilczek, The Literary Canon and Translation

·       Barbara Fedyszak-Radziejowska, One step forward and two steps backward at the Institute of National Remembrance?

·       Michal Karnowski, Responsibility and bad taste


·       Margaret Peacock, Imperiological Studies: A Polish Perspective (review)

·       Lisa D. Chavez, An Invisible Rope: Portraits of Czeslaw Milosz (review)

More Books and Periodicals

PAN TADEUSZ, Book Nine, translated by Christopher A. Zakrzewski

Ferdinand A. Ossendowski, Fetishism of the Word (excerpts from chapters 24-26)

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