The first page (in the original Latin) of Polish historian Wincenty Kadlubek's History of Poland (13th c.) The first printed edition by Jan Szczesny Herburt (1612) was reprinted without changes by Heinrich Huyssen in 1712, as reproduced above. Courtesy of the Woodson Research Center at Rice University. Photo by Philip Montgomery

  April 2009
  Volume XXIX, Number 2


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  • Juliusz Domański, Justice and mercy in Wincenty Kadłubek's system of political virtues
  • Colleen McQuillen, Sanctity or Sanctimony in Stanisław Wyspiański's Akropolis: On Boundary Oppositions, Subverted Expectations, and Irony
  • Božena Shallcross, Adam Mickiewicz's First Lecture in Collège of France 1840-1844
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