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Thank You Note

April 2006

Volume XXVI, No. 2

The Sarmatian Review Publication Fund wishes to thank the following individuals and institutions for their donations between December 2005-February 2006:
Ms. Iga Henderson; Mr. Jan Karon and Mrs. Hanna Karon; Professor Michael J. Mikoś and Mrs. Susan G, Mikoś; Mr. Thomas Ostrowski and Mrs. Barbara Ostrowski; Dr. Chester F. Natunewicz and Mrs. Mary Ann Natunewicz; Mr. Wojciech Piasecki; Dr. Thaddeus C. Radzilowski, President, THE PIAST INSTITUTE; Ms. Elzbieta J. Sepich.

All donations are acknowledged in the Thank You Note. Donors who donate $5,000.00 and more become the Sarmatian Review Sponsors.

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