A monument to the “Eaglets” (Or1ęta) in PrzemyÊl, a Polish city 54 miles west of Lviv, Ukraine. The Eaglets were Polish high school students who defended the city of Lwów (now Lviv) against Budyonny’s communist Cossacks during the Polish-Soviet war. On 17 August 1920 out of 330 Eaglets, 318 were killed in a suburb of Lwów now called the Polish Thermopylae.

  January 2009
  Volume XXIX, Number 1


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  • Svetlana Vassileva-Karagyozova, Voluntary social marginalization as a survival strategy in Polish postcommunist accounts of childhood
  • Adam Mickiewicz, Four Sonnets
  • Jerzy Harasymowicz, Four Poems
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