ASCE Structural Control Committee

is associated with the Technical Administrative Committee on Analysis and Computation

of the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers


·                                 Chair: Anil Agrawal, City University of New York (2008-present)

·                                 Vice Chair: Henri Gavin, Duke  University (2008-present)

·                                 Secretary: Genda Chen, Missouri Institute of Technology (2008-present)

·                                 Control Group Member: Richard Christenson, University of Connecticut (2008-present)

Past Chairs:

Michael Symans, RPI (2005-2008)

Shirley Dyke, Washington University (2002-2005)

Satish Nagarajaiah, Rice University (1998-2002)

Committee Purpose: The committee endeavors in integrating and interfacing the discipline of structural control with the applications and specialties of civil engineering problems. Emphasis will be placed on the computing technology for the development, application and modification of active/hybrid control to achieve designed intelligence of civil engineering structures.

Committee Objectives: The Committee will strive to elevate the state-of-the-art and practice of structural control engineering through: serving as a primary resource for establishing broad consensus on structural control issues; identifying and prioritizing research needs related to structural control; and development and support of programs for education and technology transfer on structural control issues.

ASCE-US Panel-IASCM Benchmark Studies/Test Bed Studies

Many algorithms and devices have been proposed for control of civil engineering structures, each with its own advantages, depending on the specific application and desired effect. Until recently, definitive studies demonstrating the pros and cons of the different approaches have been unavailable. Clearly, the ability to make direct comparisons between strategies employing various algorithms and devices is necessary to focus future efforts in the most promising directions and to effectively set performance goals and specifications. Benchmark studies intended to help move the structural control community another step toward the realization and implementation of innovative control strategies for dynamic hazard mitigation is the focus of this group

Benchmark Problems (Web site)

U. S. Panel Chair: Satish Nagarajaiah, Rice University

          Seismic - Building Benchmark Problem -  Bill Spencer, University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

          Wind       - Building Benchmark Problem -  Jann Yang, Univ. of California, Irvine

          Seismic - Bridge Benchmark Problem   - Shirley Dyke , Washington University

     Seismic - Base Isolation Buildings Benchmark Problem - Nagarajaiah, Johnson, Gavin, Rice, USC, Duke

     Seismic - Highway Bridge Benchmark Problem - Agrawal, Nagarajaiah, Zhang, CUNY, Rice and UIUC



·         U. S. Panel on Structural Control Research

·         European Panel on Structural Control