Geol. 311: Mineralogy & Mineral Optics

Class Schedule & Syllabus

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Key to readings

Date Lecture Topic Class Reading Lab Topic Lab Reading
Week 1
29-Aug Introduction, Symmetry Operations KH 1-32

HW #1

Ordered patterns

Mineralogy on the WWW

1-Sep Crystal Morphology, Miller indices KH 32-63

Geometric operations

Crystal morphology

HW #2

Lab#1 Mineral physical properties

Museum of Natural Science

Minls: K ex 22, 23;
KH 250-259

Mineral Physical Properties

Week 2
5-Sep Crystal Classes KH 63-106 (scan)

Miller indices

HW #3

7-Sep Crystallography, internal symmetry KH 108-146

Crystal symmetry

HW #4

Lab#2 Crystal Symmetry, Miller indices

Elements, sulfides, oxides

K ex 2, 3, 4

Minls: K ex 28, 30;
KH 334-391

Week 3
12-Sep Crystal structure KH 146-169

HW #5

14-Sep Major rock-forming minerals (silicates) KH 440-557

HW #6

Dana's System of Mineral Classification

Lab#3 Stereographic projections, interfacial angles

Halides, carbonates, phosphates, sulfates

K ex 6, 8

Minls: K ex 28, 29;
KH 398-436

Week 4
19-Sep Major rock-forming minerals (silicates) KH 440-557

HW #7

Intro to silicates

21-Sep Crystal chemistry KH 170-220

Review, ionic radii

Bonding, coordination

Pauling's rules

HW #8 - practice exercise

Mineral chemistry

Lab#4 Packing, coordination, crystal structures

Neso-, soro-, cyclosilicates

K ex 17, 18

Minls: K ex 27;
KH 440-474

Week 5
26-Sep Mineral chemistry KH 221-249

Analytical methods

Chemical substitutions

HW #9

28-Sep Mineral chemistry KH 221-249

Electron Microprobe analysis

Lab#5 Mineral chemistry, electron microprobe demo

Ino-, phyllosilicates

K ex 19, 20, 21, 35

Minls: K ex 25, 26;
KH 474-524

Week 6
3-Oct X-ray crystallography KH 275-287

X-ray crystallography

5-Oct Mineral stability, thermochemistry KH 309-332

HW #10

Mineral thermodynamics

Phase rule

Simple phase diagrams

Lab#6 X-ray lab; demo XRD K ex 14, 15

X-ray powder diffractometry

Crystal structure determination

Week 7
10-Oct Mineral assemblages KH 558-591

HW #11

High-T assemblages

Low-T assemblages

12-Oct Intro Student Projects In-class handouts Lab#7 Complete XRD exercises


K ex 16

Minls: K ex 24;
KH 524-557

Week 8
17-Oct MID-TERM RECESS Crystallography Review Questions
19-Oct CRYSTALLOGRAPHY EXAM Review information

Mineral review - key points

Lab#8 PRACTICAL MINERAL ID EXAM Personal index cards
Optical Mineralogy
Week 9
24-Oct Intro Mineral Optics N Ch 1-3

Optical Mineralogy

Isotropic indicatrix

26-Oct Measurement of refractive index N Ch 3 Lab#9 Petrographic microscope & isotropic minerals N Ch 3

Minerals under the microscope

Week 10
31-Oct Uniaxial minerals, indicatrix N Ch 4-5

HW #13

Uniaxial indicatrix

2-Nov Uniaxial interference figures N Ch 4-5

HW #14

Lab#10 Uniaxial minerals
Week 11
7-Nov Biaxial minerals, indicatrix N Ch 6-7

HW #15

Biaxial indicatrix

9-Nov Biaxial interference figures N Ch Lab#11 Biaxial minerals
Week 12
14-Nov Relations between optics & crystallography N Ch

HW #16

16-Nov Relations between optics & crystallography N Ch

HW #17

Identifying minerals

Lab#12 Minerals in thin section UBC

Mineral gallery

Minerals under the microscope

Rocks in thin section

Week 13
21-Nov Student Projects: progress report HW #18
23-Nov Thanksgiving Holiday NO Class! No LAB!! HAVE FUN!!!
Week 14
28-Nov Review Optical Mineralogy Review Questions
Week 15
5-Dec Student Projects: Presentations
7-Dec Continue student presentations Written reports due!


Introduction to Course

Introduce instructor and TA's
Overview of the course, lab schedule, handouts
Books and WWW resources
Highlights of mineralogy
Definition of "mineral"
Chemical classification of minerals
Hand specimen mineralogy; physical properties
Basic symmetry operations

Crystallography - External form

Crystal Classes
Lattice planes, Miller indices
Interfacial angles, stereographic projections

Internal structure and order

Bravais lattices
Space groups
Crystal structures
Introduction to silicate minerals

Systematics of silicate minerals & mineral chemistry

Structures of major silicate mineral groups
Introduction to mineral chemistry
Review of bonding, atomic structure
Ionic radii
Paulings rules

Mineral chemistry

Crystal (molecular) structures
Analytical chemistry
Mineral stoichiometry and mineral formuli

X-ray crystallography

X-ray basics
X-ray diffraction
Some applications

Mineral Associations

Chemical equilibrium & thermodynamics
Mineral stability diagrams
Mineral assemblages
Mineral distributions in the Earth

Student Projects

Purpose and mission
American Mineralogy format, examples
Content guidelines

Crystallography Exam

Study Crystallography Review Questions

Hand Specimen Identification Exam

Review mineral specimens
Use mineral index cards

Optical mineralogy

Light and optical properties of minerals
Optical microscope
Refractive index measurement
Isotropic minerals

Anisotropic Minerals

Uniaxial minerals
Uniaxial Indicatrix
Physical characteristics of uniaxial minerals
Practical study of uniaxial minerals

Biaxial minerals
Biaxial Indicatrix
Physical characteristics of biaxial minerals
Practical study of biaxial minerals

Minerals in thin section

Relations between optics and crystallography
Practical applications

Student Projects

Progress report
Thanksgiving Holiday

Study Optics Review Questions

Mineral Optics Written Exam

Mineral Optics Lab Exam (Practical)

Student Projects

Oral presentations
Written reports

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