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Research in the Quantum Transport Lab is centered on the experimental investigations on the physics of low dimensional electron systems, in particular on the fractional quantum Hall effect, and on quantum transport of nonequilibrium electronic systems. The research work focuses on fundamental understanding of quantum mechanical properties of electrons in low dimensional and nanoscale semiconductor structures and devices. Here is an outline of current research topics.

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  2D and 1D electron systems provide both a clean laboratory for many-particle physics and a unique platform addressing emerging issues in spintronics and solid-state quantum information devices. Our recent research has been centered on these two themes and has been supported by DOE, NSF, and DARPA. The materials used are mainly GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures and quantum wells, but also include Si and GaN depending on the physics involved.    
    For more information regarding this group please send all inquiries to Dr. Du at rrd@rice.edu    




Dr. Rui-Rui Du
Rice University Physics & Astronomy
Dell Butcher Hall Rm. 170
1900 Rice Blvd. Ent. 20
Houston, TX 77005

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