Dr. York Lancaster Scholarship
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A new scholarship has been recently established for Rice students as a memorial to honor a 1938 Rice alum, Dr. York Lancaster. The scholarship was established by his children (also Rice alums), and is merit-based. It will be awarded preferentially to a qualifying pre-med student with the highest GPA at the end of his/her freshman year, starting in the Fall of 1999. If no pre-med freshman student qualifies, the scholarship will be awarded to the qualifying student(s) with the highest GPA.
Qualifying students:

(1) must be US citizens,
(2) must have graduated from a Texas high school,
(5) must NOT be the current recipient of a full scholarship,
(3) must have completed at least 6 hours of math, science or engineering course-work

while carrying at least 12 hours each semester of their freshman year at Rice University, and
(4) must apply for the scholarship.

If the scholarship remains unrewarded, the money will be held and added to the amount for the next year. The initial award is estimated at about $1,200.00.

To apply for the scholarship, contact Dr. Zenaido Camacho's office, 101 Lovett Hall or call (713) 348-4996.