Group Alumni

Former Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Sivaram Pradhan
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Dr. Zhen Wang
(Ph.D., Chemical engineering, 2014, Zhejiang University)

Dr. Huifeng Qian
(Ph.D., Chemistry, 2012, Carnegie Mellon University)
(Personal website)

Dr. Jerimiah Forsythe
(Ph.D., Chemistry, 2011, Louisiana State University)

Dr. Roderick B. Pernitesbr /> (Ph.D., Chemistry, 2011, University of Houston)

Dr. Matthew Blankschien
(Ph.D., Molecular Genetics, 2009, Baylor College of Medicine)

Dr. Zachary Schaefer (Ph.D., Chemistry, 2011, Penn State University)

Dr. Hitesh G. Bagaria (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2006, University of Alabama) (2007-2011)

Dr. Sukit Leekumjorn (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2008, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) (2008-2011)
Current position: Calsep Inc.

Dr. Jie Yu (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2008, Rice University) (2009-2010)
Current position: Bechtel Corp.

Dr. Ammar Alkhawaldeh (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2002, Texas A & M) (2003)
co-advised with Prof. V. L. Colvin et al.;
Current position: The Dow Chemical Company

Dr. Rohit K. Rana (Ph.D., Chemistry, 1999, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India) (2003-2004)
Current position: Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India

Dr. Muhammed K. Gheith (Ph.D., Photonics, 2004, Oklahoma State University) (2006-2007)

Dr. Jong Hun Han (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1999, Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea) (2002-2003)
co-advised with Prof. M. Pasquali

Dr. Ingrid Stepanek-Basset (Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, 2001, University of Montpellier II, France) (2002-2003)
co-advised with Prof. M. Pasquali

Former Graduate Students


Dr. Varun Shenoy Gangoli
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Mr. Juan C. Velazquez

Dr. Zhun Zhao
(Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2014, "Catalytic Oxidation Properties of Palladium-decorated Gold Nanoparticles")
Current position: SABIC
(Personal site)

Dr. Sravani Gullapalli (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2013, "Advanced Synthesis Techniques and Characterization of Functional Semiconductor Nanomaterials")
Current position: Shell

Dr. Sumedh Warudkar (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2013, "Re-engineering the Alkanolamine Absorption Process to Economize Carbon Capture")
Current position: Shell

Dr. Lori Pretzer (Ph.D., Chemistry, 2013, "Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Properties of Versatile Au-Based Nanocatalysts")
Current position: Shell

Dr. Gautam Kini (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2011, "Bilayer Approaches for Nanoparticle Phase Transfer")
co-advised with Prof. S. L. Biswal
Current position: Shell

Dr. Nikolaos Soultanidis (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2011, "Solvothermal Synthesis and Supported Catalysis of Polyanion-derived Metal Oxide Nanoparticles")
Current position: Exxon Mobile

Mr. Quang Nguyen (M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2011, "Water-phase Synthesis of Cationic Silica/polyamine Nanoparticles")

Dr. Yu-Lun Fang (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2011, "Understanding Structure-Property Relationships for Palladium-Gold Nanoparticles as Colloidal Catalysts")
Current position: Intel

Dr. Shyam Benegal (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2011, "Engineering the Structural Properties of Self-assembled Polymer/nanoparticle Capsules")
Current position: Intel

Dr. Kimberly Heck (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2009, "Developing Gold-based Nanostructures to Study Catalytic Reactions in Water")

Dr. Subashini "Suba" Asokan (Ph.D., Chemistry, 2008, "CdSe Quantum Dot/Tetrapod Production")
Current position: The Methodist Hospital

Dr. Jie Yu (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2008, "Near-Infrared-Active Nanoparticle-Assembled Capsules")
Current position: Bechtel Corp.

Ms. Grainne Duffy (MPhil, Chemistry, 2006, DIT, Ireland; "The Synthesis of Zinc Oxide by Direct and Indirect Methods") co-advised with Profs. S. C. Pillai and D.E. McCormack (DIT)

Dr. William V. Knowles (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2006, "New Insights into Supported Metal Oxides for Heterogeneous Catalysis")
Current position: Albemarle


Dr. Vinit S. Murthy (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2006, "Nanoparticle Engineering of Multifunctional, Multicomponent Microcapsules")
Current position: Procter and Gamble


Dr. Michael O. Nutt (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2006, "Engineering Palladium-on-Gold Bimetallic Nanoparticles as Groundwater Remediation Catalysts")
Current position: Celanese

Ms. Regina M. Yoo (M.S., Chemical Engineering, 2006, "Preparation of Nanoparticle-assembled Capsules as an Array on a Planar Substrate")
co-advised with Prof. P. E. Laibinis

Mr. Zuze Mu (M.S., Chemical Engineering, 2004, "Synthesis, Characterization, and Performance Properties of Water-soluble CdSe Quantum Dots for Visible-light Photocatalysis")

Mr. Ramsey Smith
Department of Chemistry

Mr. Richard Lucas
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Mr. Hassan Alasiri
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Enginnering


Former Undergraduate Students

Mr. Yuan (John) Gao

Mr. Colin Shaw

Ms. Olivia Tati


Mr. Karim De Vol

Ms. Sarah Munday

Mr. Wilfred So

Mr. Peter Milling

Mr. Brandon Hautt

Mr. Pongsak (Michael) Limpornpipat

Mr. Luis (Rudy) Hasbun

Mr. Sean Kim

Mr. Juyan Azhang

Ms. Taryn Willett

Mr. Jason Grider

Ms. Nicole Lu

Mr. Chris Romanczuk

Mr. Apoorv Bhargava

Mr. Naoki Nitta (2010-2011)

Ms. Hyun Song (2009-2011)

Mr. Sriram Chadrashekhar (2007-2008,2009)

Ms. Monica He (2009)

Ms. Amy Liu (2006-2009)

Mr. Barney Cruz (2008-2009)

Mr. Allen Liao (2008-2009)

Mr. Xing Zhe Loy (2006-2008)

Mr. Grant Belgard (2004-2008)
Current position: Oxford University (UK) National Institutes of Health

Mr. Mark J. Pond (Beckman Scholar, 2005-2006)
Current position: UT Austin


Ms. Miinkay Yu (2006-2007)

Ms. Alison Takemura (Rice Century Scholar, NREU Research Fellowship, Morris K. Udall Scholar, 2004-2006)

Mr. Christopher J. Barth (NREU Summer Research Fellowship; 2006)
Current position: Chevron, Houston, TX

Ms. Alessandra R. Carreon (CENG Department Internship, NREU Summer Research Fellowship; 2004)
Current position: ENVIRON International Corp

Mr. Kush Mathur (RUSP Fellow, 2002-2003, 2006)

Mr. Prasad Sarangapani (from WPI; NREU Summer Research Fellowship; 2004)

Ms. Lynh Jones (CENG Department Internship, NREU Summer Research Fellowship; 2004)


Ms. Crystal E. Ramón (AGEP Summer Research Fellowship; 2002)

Mr. James Glenn (from MIT; NREU Summer Research Fellowship; 2003)

Mr. Sriram Eleswarapu, Previous Website Designer

Mr. Tinashe Ndoro (exchange student from International University of Bremen; 2003)

Mr. Wei Sun (2007)



Former Visiting Scholars

Mr. Welman Curi Elias
Department of Chemistry

Ms. Arreyndip Rey Arung Etah
Houston Community College

Mr. John Classen
(Dowling Middle School, HISD, Houston, TX)(2015)

Dr. Yanhui Yang
(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Dr. Marwan Batiha
(Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan)

Dr. Ho-Jeong Chai
(Korea Research Insitute of Chemical Technology, Korea)

Dr. Hao Yu
(Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Dr. Marcelo Machido Viana
(Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Mr. Kai Zhou
(Tsinghua University, China)

Dr. Weixia Tu
(Beijing University of Chemical Engineering, China)

Mr. Ryan Charles Newell
(St. John's School, Houston)

Ms. Meiriane Faria Soares
(Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Dr. Hao Qian
(Huaqiao University, China)

Ms. Hua Yang
(Ocean University of China, China)

Mr. Taye Zewdu
(Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Spain)

Dr. Yanqiu Sun
(Department of Chemistry, Rice University)

Mr. Sean Gelwick
(Earlham College, 2011)

Mr. Sean Yizhi Niu
(Rice University, 2011)

Dr. Lina Mountziaris
(Department of Bioengineering, Rice University, 2008-2011)

Ms. Jean Kang
(The State University of New York, Buffalo, 2011)

Mr. Kaoru Shibuya
(Chiba University, Japan, 2011)

Ms. Joni Arentz
(University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2010-2011)


Ms. Shujing Li
(Nankai University, China, 2009-2011)


Mr. John Taylor
(University of Texas-Pan American, 2010)


Mr. Forrest Dukes
(University of Texas at Austin, 2010)


Ms. Michelle Black
(High School Chemistry Teacher; Conroe High School, Conroe, TX, 2010)

Ms. Xi Liang (Tianjin University, China, 2008-2009)

Mr. Luca Pasquali
(Italy, 2009)

Mr. Carlos D. Rueda
(University of Houston, 2009)

Ms. Isiana Rendón Escárcega
(Undergraduate, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University, 2009)

Mr. John "Clay" Callaway 
(St. John's School, 2009)

Ms. Margaret Watkins
(St. John's School, 2009)

Mr. Stephen Goldrick (University College Dublin, Ireland, 2008-2009)

Dr. Zhiqing Yuan (Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology, SINOPEC, China, 2008)

Mr. Alejandro Ibarra-Lozano (Graduate Student, Monterrey Tech, Mexico, 2008)

Ms. Michelle Dean (High School Teacher; Bellaire High School, Houston, TX 2008)

Mr. Jonathan Lo (Graduate Student, Rice University 2008)

Ms. Xuejiao Tang
(Graduate Student, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Nankai University in Tianjin, China, 2007-2008)

Ms. Vidya Shetty (NITK Surathkal, India, 2008)

Ms. Wen-Yin Ko (Graduate Student, National Chung-Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan, 2007-2008)

Mr. Jon Taylor (Undergraduate Student, University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX, 2008)

Mr. Mark Boylan (Graduate Student, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, 2007-2008)

Dr. Enrique Munoz Tavera
(PhD, Bioengineering, 2008)

Mr. Armando Perez (Website designer)

Mr. Nicholas Nolan (Graduate Student, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, 2007-2008)

Ms. Nurgul Akcin (Graduate Student, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2007)

Dr. M. Abbas Yaseen (PhD, Bioengineering, 2008)

Mr. Paris J. Cox (Graduate Student, Materials Science, 2006-2007)

Dr. Pradeep P. Bhat (PhD, Chemical Engineering, 2007)


Mr. Gerard O'Sullivan (Graduate Student; University College Cork, Ireland; Foras Aiseanna Saothair Science Challenge Fellow, 2006-2007)

Ms. Laura Summers (High School Teacher; Cypress Creek High School, Houston, TX, 2005)


Ms. Jessica Forester (High School Student; Waller High School, Waller, TX, 2005)

Mr. Apolinar (Paul) Guevarra (High School Teacher; Sharpstown High School, Houston, TX, 2003)

Dr. Jillian Horn (SABIC Americas, 2009-2010)