Nikolaos Soultanidis

Research Summary

The interesting properties of nano-sized particles improved significantly our understanding in the material science. Especially in heterogeneous catalysis, the ability to synthesize well-dispersed, size-controlled particles opened new horizons for better understanding the activity characteristics of various structures.

Metal oxide catalysts focus the interest of many researchers. From all the different systems investigated, tungsten oxide supported catalysts (WOx/supported) found many supporters throughout the years. Since Hino and Arata discovered the supper acidity of Tungsten Oxide supported on Zirconia, researchers have come a long way in understanding the activity of the system. Nevertheless, there are still unanswered questions about a number of phenomena observed in various processes.

"My research focuses on WOx/supported systems for acidic catalytic processes. The better understanding of various active sites and the role of zirconium in the catalytic activity is the main emphasis of my research. Furthermore, new synthesis methods for controlling and enhancing the acidity are developed to understand and modify the properties of existing structures."