Recent News

May 2016: "Welman received 1st place for his poster on “Nitrate anions degrade rapidly on Indium-coated Pd nanocube edges” at the 2016 International Water Association (IWA) Nano and Water Specialist Conference. Great work!"

April 2016: "Welman wins two best poster awards - Best Poster Award at the SWCS Meeting, and Third Place at the Department Graduate Student Poster Competition. Congratulations!"

February 2016: "Dr. Gupta was elected as a Director of American Chemical Society-Greater Houston Section. Thanks for your service to the community, Mayank!"(link)

January 6, 2016: Congratulations! Dr. Varun Shenoy Gangoli successfully defended his PhD dissertation on "An Investigation of Carbon-based Nanomaterials for Efficient Energy Production and Delivery.”

December 15-16, 2015: Prof. Wong co-organized with Dr. Conrad Zhang (DICP, China), and Dr. Soon Yong Jeong (KRICT, S. Korea) the symposium "Water-phase Catalysis for Energy and Chemicals Production” at Pacifichem 2015. (link)(flyer)

December, 2015: Ms. Sophia Grossweiler (CHBE major, HHMI SER Scholar) joins our group. Welcome!

November, 2015: We welcome Ms. Chelsea Clark (NSF Fellow) and Mr. Jake Lobb (Coast Guard Post Graduate School - Engineering Program Fellow) into our group as first-year Chemical Engineering graduate students!

August 10, 2015: NSF announces the launch of NEWT (Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment), an ERC led by Rice University! Prof. Wong leads the research thrust on multifunctional catalytic/sorbent materials for selective decontamination. (link1)(link2)

June 2015: Mr. Welman Elias (UFSC, Science without Border Program Fellow) joins our Group as a visiting PhD student scholar. Welcome!

May 2015: Li and Ciceron were selected to attend the next CENTC 2015 Summer School, to be held at U. Washington (Seattle) in July 2015. Congrats!

April 2015: Ben Yin was selected to participate in the ACS Summer School on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy, to be held at Colorado School of Mines in June. Nice!

April 24, 2015: Professor Wong received the 2015 Award for Excellence in Applied Catalysis from the Southwest Catalysis Society! (link)

March 2015: Dr. Ciceron Ayala-Orozco (Chemistry PhD ’15; advisor: Prof. Halas) joins our group as a postdoctoral research associate. Welcome!

February 2015: Ms. Priscilla Dias da Silva (Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program Fellow) joins our Group as a MEng student in Chemical Engineering. Welcome!

January 2015: Professor Wong begins his term as Vice-chair for the Division of Catalysis Science & Technology (CATL) of ACS. (link)

January 2015: A fun RSC blog read about journal covers and our group’s October 2014 Chemical Science cover. (link)