Wen-Yin Ko

Research Summary

Cadmium Selenium nanoparticles (CdSe NPs), the prototypical material for investigations into quantum effects, have been attracted lots of interest since their genesis in 1993. Recently, CdSe NPs of different shapes including rod, wire, tripod, and tetrapod have been synthesized. These non-spherical CdSe NPs, together with anisotropic optoelectronic properties and high photoluminescence quantum yields, are crucial of applications of CdSe NPs.  
Ionic liquids are considered to have green characterizations such as chemical and thermal stability, low vapour pressure, and non-flammable…etc  have received much attention due to their potential as green recyclable alternatives to traditional organic solvent in the synthesis of inorganic materials.

Synthesis of tetrapods CdSe NPs using ionic liquid served as a solvent and shape-directing agent is my major subject. It is a very powerful tool to prepare various shapes of QDs NPs and can provide a green recyclable and facile pathway to fabricate anisotropic nanomaterials.


    • Wen-Yin Ko, Wei-Hung Chen, Shien-Der Tzeng, Shangjr Gwo, and Kuan-Jiuh Lin, Synthesis of Pyramidal Copper Nanoparticles on Gold Substrate, Chem. Mater. (2006) 18,6097-6099