Courses taught by Professor Wong



A typical "high-level" CHBE 390 lecture? (Pictures taken on Oct. 27, 2006, courtesy of Gerard)

CHBE 390: Kinetics and Reactor Design

    Credit: 3 units
    Overview: General areas that are covered in this course are (1) principles of chemical kinetics; (2) analysis of reaction rate data; (3) heterogeneous catalysis; (4) ideal reactor design and sizing; and (5) heat effects in reactor design. The course includes a hands-on, team-oriented laboratory module on heterogeneous catalysis (Fall Semester)

    Required textbook: H. S. Fogler, Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, 4th Ed. (2006)

CHBE 443: Chemical Engineering Lab II

    Lab module: heat exchanger (Fall Semester)
    Objective: To learn the basics of heat exchan

CHBE 590: Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

    Credit: 3 units
    Overview: This course covers advanced concepts in chemical kinetics, reaction/transport processes, reactor design, and heterogeneous catalysis. Relevant and timely topics will be discussed as case studies. (Spring Semester)

CHBE 630: Chemical Engineering of Nanostructured Materials

    Credit: 3 units
    Overview: The science and engineering of nanomaterials synthesis will be presented, beginning with the fundamentals of colloid chemistry. Classes of nanomaterials will be discussed in the integrated context of synthesis-structure-property relationships. (Spring Semester) (not offered)