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The following links are to FCC cases of indecency. If you notice that a link has the identical number, with a different extension, you will find that these are the same case. The .txt extension is a text version. The .wp extension is a word perfect version. Very often, the word perfect version will contain more information. It is important to note that these links are provided as a point of reference and that outcome indicated may not be the final determination in any single case. At a minimum, it will give you an idea of what the FCC considers actionable. BTW, these are links to the files at the FCC site.

  da961658.wp  June 3, 1996, WVIC 
 da961858.wp November 7, 1996, KTFM
 da970663.wp April 8, 1997, WEZB
 da971286.wp  June 27, 1997, WXRK
 da971288.wp June 24, 1997, WCFM
 da971289.wp June 19, 1997, WEBN
 da971832.wpAugust 25, 1997, WEBN
 da972620.wp  December 10, 1997,  KUPD
 da980231.wp  February 5, 1998   KKLZ
 da980243.wp  February 1998, KNON
 da981064.wp  June 4, 1998   KEGL
 da981157.wp June 12, 1998  : WYBB 
 da981187.wp August 27, 1997, KPTY/KBZR 
 da981243.wp June 29, 1998  KKND
 da981566.txt   KPTY  August 6, 1998
 da981575.wp   August 10, 1998 WXTB
 fcc98179.wp  August 6, 1998. Reduction in "fine". WSUC
 fcc00021.doc   January 28, 2000.
 ormm4024.wp >
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