Special events

O-week presence and Owl day presence

Both of these days have some sort of activities fair involved, and we usually get a spot at these. Krishna Kripa provides something small, like peanut butter fudge, that we can given to passers by. We try to be loud, active, and informative. Our tables are normally decorated with old fliers, but we also have some "real" material there as well. For the O-week activities fair, we also have a sign-up list so we can expand our mailing list, and for both fairs, we have mini-fliers with a few common questions about RVC.

Parents weekend presence

Parents weekend also has some sort of activity where we can be represented, either in person or via mini-fliers. It's not as important as the O-week fair or the owl-day fair, but since some of the parents were vegetarians back in the 60's, we generally make a few new friends during this event. We also encourage people to bring their parents to the dinner on Saturday to let them see that their kids are getting at least one decent meal a week on campus.

Graduate Student Association picnics

Recently, an RVC officer has been acting as an intermediary between GSA and Krishna Kripa in order to handle the vegetarian food arrangements at GSA picnics. Krishna Kripa does this event as a near-cost catering event, and RVC officers man the table serving the food. It's not truly an RVC event, but it provides a good opportunity to expose new people to the RVC, and once again, we hand out mini-fliers.

The GSA is very friendly to the veggie club, and this picnic is a good way to expose a large number of people to vegetarianism. Other campus events often have vegetarian side dishes, but the GSA has been considerate enough to have vegetarian main dishes as well, and hopefully, other campus events will follow suit.