Upma is a hearty breakfast-type food eaten throughout India. It is pretty simple to make, and quite wholesome.



In a pot boil 3 cups of water.

In the meantime, cut up 1 bell pepper into thin slices, 1 medium size potato into cubes, 1 zucchini into cubes, and cut up a cabbage if you wish. (You can add whatever and however many vegetables you wish as long as they don't total more than 3 cups)

As the water begins to boil, add the potatoes. After about 10 minutes add the other vegetables.

In another pan, pour 1/4 cup of oil. To this add 1 cup cream of wheat. Cook for a few minutes until the cream of wheat browns. Then add cashews.

When the potatoes are soft enough to slice, add the cream of wheat to the water and vegetables. While the mix cooks, you can work on spicing it. In another pan heat one table spoon of oil and heat it for about a minute. Then to the hot oil, add a pinch(1/4 teaspoon) of cumin,mustard seeds, and hing. Add this to the cream of wheat and vegetables. Stir and cook for a few minutes and serve.


You can experiment with the spices.

You can melt 1.5 sticks of butter in place of 1/4 cup oil (this is more traditional)

Serve for breakfast, or anytime!