Tofu Rancheros

This dish is a vegan's delight, and is great for serving breakfast to a non-vegetarian. It's made with simple ingredients you can get anywhere, but with a set of spices that really brings the dish to life.



Drain the tofu well. Cut of the tomatoes into eighths or sixteenths and finely chop the cilantro. Quarter the jalapeno too.

Heat a little bit of oil in the wok or pan. Roast all the spices in the oil. Now throw in half of the tomatoes. Crumble the tofu in at this point. Start stirring. Now throw in the remaining tomatoes, cilantro, and jalapeno. Stir-fry until it reaches a uniform yellowish color. The black salt should provide a pungent taste and smell to the dish.

The dish should look pretty colorful. You can serve it with toast, or as you see fit.


As always, you can experiment with the spices more or less as you see fit.

When you add in the first half of the tomatoes, you can also throw in some roasted bell peppers, fried potatoes, or whatever other creative vegetable ideas you may think of.