Rice Worth Eating!

This is probably one of the few non-vegan rice recipes you'll find. A dollop of butter, along with sweet spices, makes this more than just a bachelor/bachelorette's meal, but something you'd actually serve to your friends or your parents!

The main thing to learn from this recipe is don't be afraid to cook! It's difficult to really screw up, and if you do, you can just change the ingredients and nobody will notice!



Begin by putting one cup of rice into a pot. Pour enough water in to cover the rice, swirl it around, and pour out the water. Then add about 2 cups of water and put it on a high flame. Add one teaspoon of salt and a half stick of butter. Let the water and rice come to a boil. When you see that the rice comes to the top (as if it were surfing on the water), you may add sweet spices, cloves, or vegetables to the rice. Then put a lid on your preparation and let it cook for 12 minutes. You're done.


Use your imagination! This is a simple dish and you just can't screw it up! Serve it however you please.