Eggplant, Potato, and Tomato Subji

This is a popular dish in Western India, particularly in the state of Gujarat.



In a work or other pot, heat up the oil. Once the oil is starting to get hot, make a chawnk by adding in the cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and hing. Once the mustard seeds start popping vigorously, add in the pepper, cut into thin circles. This chawnk process brings out the flavor of the spices and charges the oil with these flavor components.

Now add all the potatoes and eggplants into the mixture. Stir for a while to get all the potatoes, eggplants, oil, and spices evenly mixed. Cook this over a lower flame. Once you are done stirring, cover the pot and let the mixture cook in its own juices. Stir it every 2 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes into eighths or twelfths. When the potatoes in the pot are just about cooked (are a little tender), add the tomatoes. Also add salt (I recommend 1 teaspoon, but this is really to taste). Stir thoroughly. Now add in all the remaining powdered spices, and stir vigorously again.

Now cover the pot again and let it simmer in its own juices until the eggplant has broken down and turned into a thick paste, and the tomatoes have broken down also. At this point, you'll have a spicy eggplant and tomatoe base with roasted potato chunks in it that are just perfect! Serve with flavored rice.


The traditional Gujarati thing to do would be to add in some sugar and lemon juice at the very last step.

As usual, you can also mess around with the spices as you desire.