Impressive Cabbage!

Everyone knows all about cabbage, right? It's cheap. That's probably your only opinion about cabbages. Nobody has any opinion on this wonderful green vegetable. However, the following recipe is guaranteed to impress your friends and neigbhors in just minutes...



Cut the cabbage. This means quarter it, cut out the centers, and finely chop into thin shreds.

Put a little bit of corn oil in a pan. Heat over a low flame. To the hot oil add the mustard seeds. Wait until the mustard seeds start popping. (Note: you will probably want to tilt the pan so that all the oil comes together in one corner of the pan, on the heat.)

Add in the hing. Now braise the chillies. (Braise means to cook in oil until the skins of the chillies starts to blister).

Throw in the cabbage. Keep in mind that the cabbage cooks down a lot. Turn up the flame. Cook for about 7-10 minutes for a standard pot, less if you use a wok.

Salt to taste (about 1 tsp. recommended). You can serve this hot or cold.


If you do put in carrots, put them in just before the cabbage.

Of course, experiment with the spicing.

For a more juicy variety, put in some salt before you put in the cabbage; this will draw more water out of the cabbage early in the cooking process.

Gardening Tip

If you are growing chilli peppers of any sort, put your plants under lots of stress. Take as little care of them as possible, and hope for hot,dry weather. This makes them as spicy as possible (there's no point in having bland chillies, right?).