Krishna Kripa Dasa

Krishna Kripa Dasa is the man who makes Rice Vegetarian Club run. He is an excellent cook, with 16 years of vegetarian cooking experience, ranging from cooking 8-course meals for 3 people in a moving van with only 1 gas burner (not a joke ), to catering weddings for hundreds and hundreds. His catering business is Giriraja Snacks.

At each weekly RVC meeting, he starts out the program by demonstrating one of the items he has prepared for our feast, carrying through the talk with his own personal anecdotes, both directly related and otherwise.

Krishna Kripa is an initiated devotee of the ISKCON (Hare Krishna) movement. He has been serving as cook, temple administrator, and pujari at the Houston temple for many years now.

A man named Donadar is currently serving as a "cooking intern" at the temple, under K.K.'s tutelage. Reps and officers who arrive on Saturday and are unable to locate K.K. himself should seek out Donadar for cooking instructions.