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Name: Monica Matsumoto
Number: 3
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Academic Year: Sophomore
Major: In limbo...perhaps double major in Policy Studies and Asian Studies, minor in Biochem

What is your favorite dinosaur?
oh no...again. Stegosaurus - remember the whole solar heating thing about its plates? Pretty cool.

What is your favorite viral video?
I love pugs.

I also like soccer.

In case you haven't had enough, I like Arabic, too:

Who would you have a torrid affair with & why?
You guys cheated. This is a question from the Rice Freshman form. I answered a different one instead, and I still donít know my answer. Since I always have to do what you guys say, haha, then Iíll choose someone. Zinedine Zidane. First, his parents are Algerian, so maybe he speaks Arabic? Soccer players are the most attractive men, in my opinion, and I always loved watching him play and admired his skill and poise. He didnít try to show off, so hopefully heís not as egotistical as a lot of other athletes. Unfortunately, heís already married to a Spanish dancer and has four kids, so I wouldnít want to ruin that.

Describe your ideal first date.
Ahh, oh no. Something simple, since itís only the first date, and something outdoors. Hiking on a beautiful spring day (which Houston doesnít really have...Virginia has beautiful hikes and lovely spring weather), and a picnic lunch (PB&J, brownies, fruit, veggies and hummus, apple juice), and engaging in meaningful conversation...not a huge fan of small talk. Then, if we wanted to keep the date going, we could watch a movie on a nice comfy couch. Thatís all.

Describe your favorite Rice Ultimate moment.
I have a terrible memory, so I know my answer will not do this question justice. However, ice-bathing in various hotels, houses, and dorms was quality bonding in pain. Chinatown and boba runs are a definite, too. Then, of course, the athletic and competition aspect of the sport...giving our all at regionals, running stadiums, and lots of other things that I'm failing to recall right now.

How did you decide to join Rice Ultimate?
I wanted to be part of a team and heard that Rice Ultimate was pretty dedicated and intense. Getting stalkerish emails from Austine and hearing about it from some of the other club soccer girls (i.e. Wheeler and Ruthie) also helped with brainwashing. I like running, too, so that helped.