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Interested in playing?

Anyone is welcome to come out to practice, preferably early in the semester. No experience required -- we'll teach you what you need to know. Graduate students are also eligible, so feel free to come see what ultimate is about.

There is coed pickup on Monday nights from 7 to 9 pm. We play on the lit field by Autry (the rec center). We also play on Friday.
Practice Times

We practice at the fields by Del Butcher (The Nanotech building) and the Rec Center Thursdays at 3:30 and Saturdays at 3:00.

We practice in THE Rice Stadium Tuesdays at 8:00.


"When you can no longer run, then it is time to die." -Schichiroji

At least one independent workout a week is expected, and as we enter the more competitive part of the season, workouts should be stepped up.

If you need a workout partner, you should contact Travis Martin or Ray Verm.

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