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The Rice Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) is formed by Rice students and scholars from Taiwan. Its mission is to provide service and information to its members, and to promote Taiwanese culture.

Most of the members are graduate students but it also has a number of active undergraduate members.

Rice is a small institution, TSA typically has a few dozen of members. However, our size has unified us and we have been enjoying the friendship built up in this small family.

Welcome to Rice, and welcome to TSA!


The website is maintained by the current TSA president Lin-Yung Wang.

Our first website was created and designed in March 2006 by Eric Cheng. The background pattern of the banner came from the architectural details of Lovett Hall. The photographs on each page were taken by Vincent Liao.

Contact Information

We can be reached at our Facebook page Rice TSA. Please visit our officers page if you would like to contact a specific person. Our TSA advicer is Professor Ching-Hwa Kiang in Physics Deptartment. : http://www.chkiang.rice.edu/