Curriculum Vitae

for Tom Williams



1956 BS, Chemistry, Arizona State University

1956 to 1993 Shell Oil Company as chemist, plant manager and other management positions. Now retired.

1957-58 Officer, U.S. Army Signal Corps, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.

1993 to present, Graduate studies in History, Rice University, MA 1997, ABD


1968-1970 Assistant Curator, Stamford Observatory, Stamford, Connecticut. Major Instrument: 54cm Reflecting Telescope (Maksutov-Cassegrain). Observation of planets, (particularly day time observations of Mercury and transit of Mercury), comets, variable stars, and lunar occultation’s.

1974-1975 Technical Associate, Mt. Cuba Astronomical Observatory, Greenville, Maryland. Major Instrument: 60cm Reflecting Telescope (Cassegrain). Observation of Variable Stars.

1983-1987 International Halley Watch, Regional Recorder, Advised amateur observers in the Southeastern region of the United States. Assessed and consolidated observations for the International Halley Watch Visual Observers Program.


National/International Organizations

1968-Present American Association of Variable Star Observers. Elected to AAVSO Council, 1978; Vice President 1982-85; President 1985-87, and 1992-93.

Member: American Astronomical Society

                    AAS Historical Astronomy Division

                Antique Telescope Society

                Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers

                Astronomical Society of the Pacific

                    ASP History Committee

                British Astronomical Association

                History of Science Society

Local Societies

1967-1970 Fairfield County Astronomical Society, Stamford, Connecticut.

1972-1975 Willingboro Astronomical Society, Willingboro, New Jersey.

1970-1972 and 1975 to present—Houston Astronomical Society, Houston, Texas. Served as Observing Committee Chairman, 1976-78, President, 1979, Director-at-large, 1980-81, Chairman, Observatory Dedication, 1983, and Program Chairman, 1993.


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