Amateur Astronomer


1969-1987 Observed and reported 4,497 observations of variable stars to the AAVSO Hope to resume observations in retirement.

1967-1975 Observed and reported observations of comets to ALPO and SAO, including comets Abbe, Fujikawa, Tago-Sato-Kosaka, Bennett, Kohoutek and West. My sketch of the coma of comet Bennett, made with the 54cm Stamford Observatory Gregory Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, was published on cover of The Strolling Astronomer (JALPO), Vol.28, No. 11-12.

1968-1970 Assistant Curator, Stamford Observatory, Stamford, Connecticut. Major Instrument: 54cm Reflecting Telescope (Maksutov-Cassegrain). Observation of planets, (particularly day time observations of Mercury and transit of Mercury), comets, variable stars, and lunar occultation's.

1974-1975 Technical Associate, Mount Cuba Astronomical Observatory, Greenville, Maryland. Major Instrument: 60cm Reflecting Telescope (Cassegrain). Observation of Variable Stars.

1983-1987 International Halley Watch, Regional Recorder, Advised amateur observers in the Southeastern region of the United States. Assessed and consolidated observations for the International Halley Watch Visual Observers Program.


National/International Organizations

1968-Present American Association of Variable Star Observers. Elected to AAVSO Council, 1978; Vice President 1982-85; President 1985-87, and 1992-93. For my services to the AAVSO as an observer, Council member, officer, and leader of the AAVSO Futures Study, I was honored with the presentation of the 36th AAVSO Merit Award.

Member: American Astronomical Society, Antique Telescope Society, Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, British Astronomical Association.

Local Societies

1967-1970 Fairfield County Astronomical Society, Stamford, Connecticut.

1972-1975 Willingboro Astronomical Society, Willingboro, New Jersey.

1970-1972 and 1975 to present— Houston Astronomical Society, Houston,Texas. Served as Observing Committee Chairman, 1976-78, President, 1979, Director-at-large, 1980-81, Chairman, Observatory Dedication, 1983, and Program Chairman, 1993.

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