Week 8 (Nov. 5-7): The Tiananman Movement of 1989: Cultural Criticism in a Chinese Public Sphere
  • Leo Ou-fan Lee, "The Crisis of Culture," in China Briefing: 1990
  • Andrew Jones, "The Politics of Popular Music in Post-Tiananmen China" in Jeffrey
    and Elizabeth Perry eds. Popular Protest and Political Culture in Modern China
  • Benjamin Lee, "Going Public" (from Public Culture)

  • Film:


    Carma Hinton's documentary,
    "The Gate of Heavenly Peace"
    Week 9 (Nov.12-14): Hong Kong: Popular Culture in an Age of Commercialization
  • Fredric Jameson, "Postmodernism and Consumer Society" (from Hal Foster ed.,
    The Anti-Aesthetic)
  • Ye Si, "Transcendence and the Fax Machine," (from David Wang, ed., Running Wild:
    New Chinese Writers )
  • Leung Ping-kwan, Selections from City at the End of Time
  • Rey Chow, "Between Coloniers: Hong Kong's Postcolonial Self-Writing in the 1990s"
    (from Diaspora)
  • Rey Chow, "A Souvenir of Love" (from Modern Chinese Literature)
  • Music:




    Stanley Kwan's "Rouge"
    Week 10 (Nov.19-21): World Poetry and Print Culture
    Bei Dao, The August Sleepwalker
  • Stephen Owen, "The Anxiety of Influence: What Is World Poetry?" (from The New Republic )[on reserve] Selection from Pierre Bourdieu, The Field of Cultural Production
  • Film:

    Wong Kar-wai's "Chungking Express"

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