"Public Advertising Culture in Beijing:
Privatized Public Advertising"

 Build Morality and Ideology  Reach Victorious Achievements

 Build the Morality and Ideology of the People, the Value of Science and Culture
[Advertising Compay]

 Reach the Victorious Achievements of
Building Socialism with Chinese
[Advertising Company]
 Strengthen Environmental Consciousness  Long Live Motherland

 Strengthen Environmental Consciousness, Raise the Level of Municipal Sanitation
[Beijing Municipal Sanitation Team; Ad Company]

 Long Live the Motherland
[Company Provided]
 Vote (Pizza Hut)  Protect our Empty Spaces

 Protect Democratic Rights,
Drop a Ballot in the Box
[District Election Time; Pizza Hut Storefront]

Value our Empty Spaces, Protect our Home
["China's Beautiful Wind" Public Service Announcement: Ad Company Provided]
 Consumer Hotline (Appliance Ad)  

 (Appliance Advertisement)
Municipal Consumer Fraud Hotline