"Public Advertising Culture in Beijing:
Political Event Advertising"

 Welcome Fifteenth Party Congress  Build Socialism

 Welcome the Opening of the
Fifteenth Party Congress
[Beijing Municipal Commerce Committee]

 Build Socialism With Chinese Characteristics
[CPC Municipal Propaganda Committee]
 Use Deng Xiaopling Theory  Rally Around Jiang and Party Center

 Use Deng Xiaoping's Theory of
Socialism with Chinese Characteristics to Usher in a Great New Century

 Closely Rally Around Comrade Jiang Zemin and the Core of the Party Center
 Celebrate Return of Hong Kong  Study Lei Feng

 Celebrate the Return of Hong Kong,
Build a Beautiful Future Together

 Study the Spirit of Comrade Lei Feng, the
Revolutionary Spirit of Communism and the
 Use Political Rights  Cast Your Ballot

 Use Your Constitutional Rights:
Vote in the District Elections

 Put Democratic Rights Into Practice:
Cast Your Ballot