"Public Advertising Culture in Beijing:
Promoting Development and the
Local Economy"

 Beautify Chongwen

 Develop Chongwen

 Beautify Chongwen District
[Chongwen District Propaganda Office, Ad Company]

 Develop Chongwen District

 Love Chongwen

 Chongwen Police

 Love Chongwen District

 Chongwen District People's Police:
Cultivating Civilization
[Chongwen District Committee for Constructing Spiritual Civilization]

 Protect Consumer Rights

 Strike at Piracy

 Protect Your Legal Rights as a Consumer: Call the Hotline [Haidian District]

 Strike Hard at Piracy
[Haidian District]

 Protect Trademarks

 Pay Local Taxes

 Respect Registered Trademarks
[Haidian District]

 Paying Taxes Enriches the Country and Strengthens the People
[Beijing Local Tax Bureau]