Statistical Consulting Lab

2103 Computer Engineering Building
Phone: x3774


Dr. Kathy Ensor
Associate Professor of Statistics
2083 Computer Engineering Building
Phone: x4687


Technical Assistants

Scott Baggett


Roxy Cramer


Sean Bolks


Computer Service Liasons

Susan McClure
Systems Programmer
203 Mudd Building
Phone: x4852



The Statistical Consulting Lab (SCL) at Rice University has been established to advance, promote, and support the use of statistical methodologies and computing within the Rice University research community. The focus of the SCL is to broaden both the understanding and use of statistical applications in this community. The services and direction of the lab are described in the table below. These links will direct you to both general and specific interests associated with statistical software, unix and vet account information, data resources and availability, statistical links, and the schedule of seminars and events sponsored by the Statistical Consulting Lab.

Additionally this page provides an interactive link to the consultants through which you can direct research, methodological, and statistical computing questions as well as discuss statistical issues in the Rice research community. A Rice statistical listserv is being established for this end. One can apply via the Help link.


Mission of the Statistical Consulting Lab

Recent Projects

Vet and Unix Information

Statistical Software

Data Resources

SCL Tips

Requests for Help and Discussion

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Fall Schedule for Lunch Seminars

Statistical Links

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