Marek Kimmel

Professor of Statistics

Population Dynamics, Branching Processes, Mathematics of DNA

M.S. (1977) Silesian Technical University

Ph. D. (1980) Silesian Technical University

Professor Kimmel's research focuses on probabilistic modeling and statistical analysis in biosciences. He is particularly interested in applications of his work in cell and molecular biology and in cancer research. From the mathematical point of view, his interests lie in Markov and branching processes and in estimation theory.

After receiving his doctoral degree in Poland, Professor Kimmel moved to New York, where he spent eight years at the Sloan-Kettering Institute. He collaborated with biologists and statisticians on a range of issues, including screening for cancer, action of anticancer drugs on cells in vitro and in vivo, and dynamics of the cell cycle.

In recent years, mainly after coming to Rice in 1990, Professor Kimmel has been researching gene ampl