Evan Siemann

Evan Siemann

Harry C. and Olga K. Wiess Professor of Biosciences
Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs


Evan Siemann Research areas:

Population ecology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, chemical ecology, plant/herbivore interactions, plant/soil interactions, invasive species, biodiversity, conservation, restoration, algal biology, biofuels, wastewater remediation, biofertilizers, forests, grasslands, wetlands, streams, mountains


Ph D - University of Minnesota 
AB - Cornell University 
Oxford University 

Teaching for 16/17:

  • EBIO 306 Independent Undergraduate Research
  • EBIO 316 Field Ecology Lab
  • EBIO/BIOC 329/529 Animal Biology & Physiology
  • EBIO 403/404 Undergraduate Honors Research in EEB
  • EBIO 541 & EBIO 542 Lab Meetings
  • EBIO 569 Graduate Core Course in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • EBIO 800 Graduate Research

Rice University Affiliations:

Recent Publications: