MATH 101: Single Variable Calculus I - Summer 2008

Instructor: Shuijing Li
Office: Herman Brown B47†† Tel: (713) 348-2867
Time: TTh1 pm Ė 4 pm
Location: HB47

Syllabus (PDF)


         June 5:Class will be heldin Hersztein hall 117 ,1-4pm.

         Office hour: I will hold office hour 10-12AM Tuesday, before the homework due time. Or anytime by appointment, just call me at 2867 ahead.

         June 17, 2008: sorry about the confusion of the homework due, but you do have to turn in 2.1-2.4, and 3.1-3.6 today.

         June 19: You are going to have the first midterm exam. It is a take home exam, 2 or 3 hours long, and open notes.

†††††††††††††††††††† The exam will be due with the homework on Tuesday (June 24, 2008).

         July 1: The first midterm exam is available. You are going to have the second midterm exam. It will be a take home exam, 2 hours long, and open notes only.

†††††††††††††††† ††††The exam will be due with the homework on Tuesday (June 8, 2008).

         July 8: A senior professor in math department will come to our class that day and will stay for an hour or so, but donít worry, she is only checking my teaching. However, I do need you to come to my class on time that day, with the homework and the exam. Thanks.

Thank you for your cooperation and your guys are greatJ

         The second midterm exam is available.






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