From: (Gregory Stephens)
Subject:  Re: "White Boy a Follower?" RealAudio


M.C. Gregory here, I did a show with DJ RJ in Austin a while back which has been played on several stations around the country. It's titled "White Boy A Follower? From Black Supremacy to One Love in Rasta Reggae." It's an "edutainment special" with a lot of clips from interviews on Jamaican radio. The theme is continuing tensions regarding the relationship between a largely "white" audience and a "black" artform. We discuss the Sizzla controversy, play Mutabaruka's interviews with Bobos on his show, play clips of Luciano and Beenie Man on Marley's influence in the dancehall, etc. There are songs like Culture's "Black Man King" which express this tension, as well as tunes which express the "One Blood" solution. The reasoning is all over dubs.

The show is now permanently available on Real Audio, thanks to Scottie McDonald at KTRU in Houston.  Respect due!  Go to: and click on reggae, and there it is.

The show treats themes from my "Bob Marley's Zion: A Transracial 'Blackman Redemption'," from the new book ON RACIAL FRONTIERS.  The KTRU site has links to a sample chapter from my book now available at the Cambridge University Press site, an interview about the book at IslandLife, etc.

This is the playlist, including some of the samples:

1) Sly & Robbie, Rasta Reggae
2) Mikey Spice, Chant Down Babylon
SAMPLE: Mutabaruka on meaning of Nyabinghi
3) Luciano & Beenie Man, Baldhead
4) Burning Spear, Slavery Days dub
5) Mutabaruka, White Man Country
SAMPLE: Emmanuel as Black Christ
6) Marley, Heathen (Laswell ambient)
7) Churchical Chants of the Nyabinghi, White Boy a Follower
8) Culture, Black King
9) Luciano, Gunzalis version
10) Selassie, What Life has Taught Me (JAD promo)
11) Marley, Exodus (Laswell ambient)

1) Sizzla, No Time to Gaze
2) Everton Blender, Defender of the Faith
SAMPLE: Bob Marley on being neither black nor white
3) Marley, One Drop (and version)
4) Black Uhuru, The Whole World is Africa
5) Sly & Robbie, Back to Base (dub)
6) Junior Reid, One Blood (and dub)
7) Marley, One Love
SAMPLE: Luciano on Marley's influence
8) Dub Over Dub, Get Over Dub
SAMPLE: Beenie Man on Marley as "the foundation which make I & I"
9) Bunny Brown, Black and White
10) Shinehead, Real Rock (dub)

Showers of blessings,
Gregory Stephens, Lecturer
Department of English, MSC 3E
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88003

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