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reggae glossary

babylon :   the corrupt establishment;  the "system"
dancehall :   a contemporary reggae style usually accompanied by deejay rap
deejay :   rapper
dreadlocks :   hair that is neither combed nor cut;  a person with dreadlocks
dub :   an instrumental, electronic music created by skillful, artistic re-engineering of recorded tracks
I and I :   you and me.   Rasta speech eliminates words like 'you', 'me', 'we', and 'they', as divisive
                and replaces them with the more communal 'I and I'.   'I and I' is believed to embrace all
                people in unity with the Most I (high) and in an endless circle of inity (unity).
Irie :   excellent, cool, highest;  state of feeling great
Jah :   God, shortened from Jehovah
jamdown :   Jamaica
natty :   dreadlocks
Rasta :   a follower of Marcus Garvey who worships the Almighty in the person of Haile Selassie
roots :   conscious, Rasta reggae;  a fellow Rasta
sing-jay :   a deejay that utilizes melody
yard :   home;  Jamaica

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