Memory Lane
match man

Scott Ruthfield 95-97

NAME: Scott Ruthfield

YEARS IN SC: Two (the first two) - half the time as performer, half the time as snarky MC

FAVORITE GAME: party quirks

GAMES YOU REMEMBER PLAYING: we had about 15 we chose from: I can't remember the name of most any of them.

FUNNIEST GAME DONE IN PRACTICE: did we practice? I guess so. "Guess when Jason will show up" was a fun game.

FUNNIEST GAME PERFORMED ON STAGE: anytime we undressed an audience member, or forced one to give birth.

BIGGEST INSIDE JOKE: Adam making some joke about lucky charms. Jeez, he was good at that game -- too bad I can't remember its name. <pulls out cane >

ANYTHING ELSE FUNNY! TELL STORIES! RELIVE MEMORIES! Our second Owl Day show -- filling the Grand Hall, standing room only, loud laughter and nobody walking out during a 90-minute show. We knew we had something.

Plus, what venues do you remember performing in? who else do you remember was in spontaneous combustion? was in it before? Those first two years, we performed at the Coffeehouse (a few times each semester, always papering the campus with the same color & style flyers) and on Owl Day. Some other folks: I'm trying to remember the names/aliases of other first-years: Laura would be better at it than I would be. She may also have contact info for a few of the old-timers, including our Beloved Founder, Blessed Be He. Damn, he kicked our ass.