Memory Lane
match man

Laura Duke

NAME: Laura Duke

WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW/HAVE DONE SINCE GRADUATION:  teaching AP government and economics at Austin High School in Sugar Land

YEARS IN SC: 2.5 years

FAVORITE GAME:  Six Lines, Madrigal

GAMES YOU REMEMBER PLAYING: Forward/Reverse, Foreign Movie, What Are You Doing, And Now a Word from Our Sponsors, Mr. Know-It-All, Changing Emotions, Standing Sitting Kneeling, Three Things, Murder Chain, Alphabet, Cheese Party (with Adam as the host, always), 187 

FUNNIEST GAME DONE IN PRACTICE: Standing, Sitting, Kneeling: the prompt was Olympics; we went for "special olympics"

 In A Word from Our Sponsors: "Next time, on 'Sex with the Cat'... me-ow!" 

BIGGEST INSIDE JOKE: Aaron pinch hitting for both sexes in the battle of the sexes; the freak who used to show up to all of our shows and always suggest ostrich farming as a profession, Jason taking the bullet during 187