Memory Lane
match man

Gordon Wittick 99-01

NAME: Gordon Wittick


FAVORITE GAME: 1,3,soliloquoy

FUNNIEST GAME DONE IN PRACTICE: The time we made up that singing game to the tune of Gilligan's island, and every song we did that day was hilarious, and it has never been funny since. Also, like everything, my fondest memories are of the practices when I was drunk. I remember murder chain with a fluffer, at pornographic Disneyland, with SIDS. Or making up 1,3,soliloquoy. Or... You guys gotta help me out with the memories, I think I had one too many solo drunk practices.

FUNNIEST GAME PERFORMED ON STAGE: I never remember the games I'm in, but I do remember the time yall were doing story, and Eric was the TV show cops, which he did in a Southern drill sergeant voice, and the ref ended up pointing at Eric for a solid 2 minutes at least and Libby refused to stop going on in that ridiculous voice, yet he never got repetitive, until finally everyone on stage just relented and realized that Libby's will to go on was stronger than all of theirs. That was the day I realized that I would never want to be alone in a torture chamber with Libby, regardless of our respective roles.

BIGGEST INSIDE JOKE: Every practice I would ask for a game's location to be "1/4 inch tall." And people thought it was this big running gag, and got annoyed after a while. But no one ever considered that I just wanted to see a skit where everyone was 1/4 inch tall. (*sniff*)