Memory Lane
match man

Chip Aucoin '98-'02

NAME: Chip Aucoin

YEARS IN SC: 4 I think, maybe 7... 

FAVORITE GAME:  Murder Chain 

GAMES YOU REMEMBER PLAYING: all of them, I think... (5 things, Murder Chain, beep, 6 lines, mystery line, emotional ___, 1 3 5/soliloquy, 185, world's worst, inappropriate game, Rice men/women are like, the unfunny game, mystery return item 

FUNNIEST GAME PERFORMED IN PRACTICE: I was the proprietor of the store when Gordon was bringing back my mystery return item, which turned out to be Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein!!! 

FUNNIEST GAME PERFORMED ON STAGE: Adam Keith, Jason Duke, and I at Owl  weekend playing Mr. Know-It-All when someone asked "what's the best college" and it slowly dawned on us that all three of us were from Lovett... 

BIGGEST INSIDE JOKE: If only we had a fat guy! Or someone from Will Rice! If you need more funny, add a dog. Eric's smegma milkshake. 

ANYTHING ELSE FUNNY! TELL STORIES! RELIVE MEMORIES! I remember my first show was at Sammy's, and we were playing Murder Chain. I was the first  person, and my weapon was salad shooter. Now, of course, the rule is it's never a weapon you would actually use to kill someone, but when I mimed salad shooter to Elaine L. she someone decided it was a handgun and promptly shot me. How's that for a first show memory? 

At practice once, Scott Ruthfield's scene somehow involved an aborted fetus, which he promptly started munching on. Scott. Dude. 

Oh, oh, oh!!! At practice we would always come up with the strangest suggestions. I remember Eric Libby was playing Murder Chain with me, and he was miming the murder weapon, and I was totally, absolutely perplexed. Then at the last second, it hit me. The murder weapon was obviously Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle!