Memory Lane
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Bria LaSalle 99-01

NAME: Bria LaSalle


FAVORITE GAME: The Inappropriate Game (as created by Eric Libby and
myself). I also loved me some Breakdown and Blindline. 

GAMES YOU REMEMBER PLAYING: Breakdown, Freeze (duh), Superheroes, Props, 185, World's Worst, Talk Show, Mr. Know-it-all (wherein my unrequited love for Adam Keith began), Blindline, 1-3-soliliquoy (which I think I had something to do with creating), Do-Run-Run, Beep

FUNNIEST GAME DONE IN PRACTICE: I can't remember what the game was, but during one of our drunk practices one semester someone gave a suggestion for a Nancy Reagan-shaped dildo, and I nearly lost it. 

FUNNIEST GAME PERFORMED ON STAGE: There was an Owl Weekend show that I think I might go to hell for--during Changing Film Styles Alex Fay, Eric Libby, and me managed to bring the phrase 'spermaderm' into something to do with was so wrong, but so funny.

BIGGEST INSIDE JOKE: "Anything is funnier with Germans. And dogs." (...and it must be said, the Smegma Milkshake joke was classic, though we sought to lose it at every turn. Thank you Eric Libby.)

ANYTHING ELSE FUNNY! TELL STORIES! RELIVE MEMORIES! I had so much fun being the token girl for a while (given that there was a semester or two when we just couldn't get any damn girls to show up, ever). When Sarah Pitre found time in her crazy schedule, we had some crazy fun. I remember a game of Superheroes when she was the Heroin Heroine, and I
was Clowns for Hands was so surreal it almost came full-circle to seeming normal.