Memory Lane
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Ben Gran 00-01

NAME: Ben Gran



GAMES YOU REMEMBER PLAYING: Beep, Superheroes, Emotional Small Business, Forward/Reverse, A Word from Our Sponsor, 1-3-5, 5 Things, ABC, Freeze, What are You Doing?

FUNNIEST GAME DONE IN PRACTICE: 1-3-Soliloquy (like 1-3-5, only the "5" person has to perform a soliloquy. It was great, because the "1" and "3" people always bailed out and left the soliloquy giver with absolutely nothing to work with. And yet, it always cracked everybody up.

FUNNIEST GAME PERFORMED ON STAGE: Forward/Reverse - A parody of the Rice U. Administration's takeover of K-TRU - I played a disgruntled student shouting at Dr. Camacho and Colonel Sanders. (Dave Urban played the Colonel.) My only two lines were, "Dr. Camacho, I'm a disgruntled student and I'm really PISSED at you!!" and (to Colonel Sanders), "You and your extra-tasty-crispy-chicken are ENEMIES OF ART!" Nathan had me repeat that like 50 times. It was great. Also, another great moment was during the Booze-versus-Yoo Hoos show, when I had to pantomime "a dildo shaped like Zenaido Camacho."

BIGGEST INSIDE JOKE: I don't think I was ever in on any inside jokes. Does Eric Libby's "Better than a Smegma Milkshake" count?

ANYTHING ELSE FUNNY! TELL STORIES! RELIVE MEMORIES! I tried out for the first time my junior year, but I didn't make it in because a few of the female members thought I was sexist. (During the tryout, we'd been playing "World's Worst," and the topic was "World's Worst Father in Law," and I stepped up and said, with a lascivious leer, as if speaking to my "son-in-law," : "So...heh is she?" (The joke being, the world's worst father in law wants to hear about how incredible his daughter is in the sack.) There were probably some other things that led to my not getting in, but I don't remember what they might have been. Everyone thought I looked like Conan O'Brien. I still get that a lot.