Memory Lane
match man

Ahmad Hernandez 96-98

NAME: Ahmad Hernandez -- that was easy

WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW/HAVE DONE SINCE GRADUATION: I'm a freelance actor/director/sound designer/stage manager/teaching artist. I know that sounds like a lot, but I only do about two or three at a time. I've worked  at Express Children's Theatre, Unhinged Productions, Main Street Theater,  and dAdA Productions. I work part time at the Children's Museum. I just got cast in some readings for HYPE--Houston's Young Playwrite Exchange--at the Alley. And I'm with ComedySportz Houston! They're a fun bunch.

YEARS IN SC: I started sophomore year with Rod n' the gang, and left sometime in the spring of senior year. Two and half years? 

FAVORITE GAME: Either Countdown or Forward/Reverse. The basic ones are the best ones in my book. 

GAMES YOU REMEMBER PLAYING: Man, I was sooooo wasted in college, I can't remember much. What was the question again? 

FUNNIEST GAME DONE IN PRACTICE: Apparently people did a really shameful game where they were in the Special Olympics. I got to practice right after they finished, and from what I can tell, the game was really funny, and really, REALLY inappropriate for any audience. 

FUNNIEST GAME PERFORMED ON STAGE: There was one show at the RMC where Aaron Garcia, Adam Hunter and I played Countdown. I didn't say much, but I walked in and out of the scene with a spatula. You kinda had to be there to get it--I can't tell it very well. 

BIGGEST INSIDE JOKE: When we practiced "World's Worst," someone always did Hitler. And now you can, too! Just use your left index finger to make his mustache, bring your right arm out, and say, "HEIL!" 

The very first "show" was done in the Brown Commons, and we had some really loud drunk ass Jones guys in the audience. That was a funny show, but for all the wrong reasons.