Announcements and Notes

Jerzy Giedroyc receives the Golden Scepter Award

In 1999, Kultura's Jerzy Giedroyc received the Zlote Bero (Golden Scepter) Award given irregularly by a loose association of Polish artists, writers and intellectuals. The Award is given for exceptional achievement in the field of Polish culture, and it carries a Zl.100,000 cash prize (about $26,000).

Andrzej Walicki receives Balzer Prize

Professor Andrzej Walicki of the University of Notre Dame has received the prestigious 1998 Balzer Prize (500,000 Swiss F.)awarded by the E. Balzer Foundation. The prize was awarded "for his exceptional contribution to the study of cultural and social history of Russia and Poland, in addition to that of European culture of the nineteenth century." Professor Walicki's work is dedicated to that "debate between Liberalism and Marxism" which has informed the work of many post-Enlightenment intellectuals who have traced their philosophy to Kant, Hume and Hegel.

Success: thy name is UIC

The Polish program at the University of Illinois at Chicago is the largest in the nation, and growing. Last year's enrollments in Polish language, literature, culture, and cinema totaled 475 studentsan increase of 73 students over the previous academic year. Since 1993 enrollments in Polish at the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois have grown as follows:

Academic Year

Students Enrolled in Polish













Central Europe Online declares The Sarmatian Review "the site of the day"

Central Europe Online ( , probably the largest Web directory and information provider on Central Europe, sent us a message with a graphic attachment describing the selection of The Sarmatian Review as "the site of the day." It says: "Visit The Sarmatian Review for scholarly discourse on Central and Eastern Europe (" We are pleased to receive this token of recognition, one of the many we have received over the years. CEO is one of the Web sites linked to the SR. Incidentally, we would appreciate an Internet buff researching comments about SR on the Net, and sending the results (with Web addresses) to us! We have seen comments like "The most interesting publication about Polish-American and Central European culture I have found (," and we have been placed on "Najciekawsze polskie linki na Internecie (" From time to time, we shall share such news with our readers.

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