Compliments department

I continue to look forward to every issue of the Review. Enclosed is a check for a three-year subscription renewal.

Don Banas, San Jacinto, California

I do not recall receiving a reminder about subscription dues for 1997. Enclosed is a check. I always look forward to your publication.

Jonathan Keyes, DDS, New Philadelphia, PA

Enclosed is a subscription check for your splendid publication. I hope the subscription can begin with this month's (April) edition.

John Mlynarczyk, San Antonio, Texas

Such letters are deeply appreciated. Thank you all. Ed.



In stanza Six, line three and four of my poem "Chechenya" published in the January 1997 issue of The Sarmatian Review, a translator's mistake distorted the poem's meaning. Instead of

...to the endless power
that makes everything else diminutive
I prayed...

the lines should read

...to the endless power
that everything else diminishes
I prayed.....

Ferdous Shahbaz-Adel, Chicago, Illinois

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