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More e-mail addresses
In addition to President Clinton and Vice President Gore who have acquired e-mail addresses as outlets for angry/critical/delighted/otherwise moved constituents, more and more Senators and Congresspersons list their e-mail addresses as well. A caveat: most of them pay attention to messages from their respective states or districts only. Another caveat: do not expect the addressee to read your message personally or to send you a personal response. These messages are probably tabulated to show how many people wrote for or against a certain bill/action/position of a Congressperson. Here are the addresses of Senator Kay Hutchison from Texas:
and of the Speaker of the House, Congressman Newt Gingrich:

Addresses of Poles in the former Soviet Union In the former Polish Kresy, there remained tens of thousands of Poles whose fate is harsh. If you would like to help a Polish family in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania or Moldova, ask for their addresses by writing to: Rada Przyjaci Fundacji na Rzecz Pomocy Szkolom Polskim na Terenach Wschodnich im. Tadeusza Goniewicza w Szczecinie, 70-466 Szczecin, ul. Monte Cassino 16, Poland.
In addition to the addresses, the Foundation provides information about the most efficient way of sending parcels. The Foundation solicits gifts of Polish books, especially books for children, and Polish dictionaries to families and Polish centers in post-Soviet countries.

Exodus: one of those obscure Polish monthlies
Exodus. A monthly in Polish edited by Czeslaw Nowak. 28 pages. Am Birkicht 11, 81827 München, Germany. Subscription price 40 DM/year, paid to Exodus, Raiffeseisenbank-Feldkirchen, BLZ 70169364, Account # 0516554. 28 pages.
This interesting little magazine with a distinctly Catholic flavor strives to cover the Polish diaspora in Europe and Asia. The current (Vol. VII, No. 4, April 1995) issue has articles on Poles in Norway, Belarus, Russia, and elsewhere. The issue has quite a bit of factual and little-publicized information about the realities of life in Europe and Asia. An example: it has recently been computed that the average Pole spends 24 times less on personal consumption than an average German. Whenever an issue arises about the lack of creature comforts in Poland for tourists, about dishonesty of taxi drivers and alcoholism among the lower classes, one has to keep these stark figures in mind.

The Sarmatian Review received information that the April 1995 issue of this journal is the last one -- unless some financial help comes along. The journal has been struggling with financial problems ever since it was established, and it has finally succumbed to them. Could a Polish millionaire come to the rescue of this journal? The price of an average house in the United States would probably save it from demise.

Kudos to Peter Jennings of ABC On May 8, 1995, he was the only one of the three major evening news anchors to give extensive coverage of the V-Day in Poland. He showed President Walesa addressing the Parliament, and he mentioned that Poles were bitter about having been sold down the river to the Soviets. Neither Tom Brokaw of NBC nor Dan Rather of CBS bothered to pronounce the word 'Poland' in their coverage of celebrations of the V-Day in Europe. Poles need to remember what Peter Jennings of ABC did, and what the other networks and anchors did not do.

Jan Karon Honored
Houston's pre-eminent violin maker and former Houston Symphony musician, Jan Karon, is currently being featured in The Instrumentalist, a monthly musical magazine. Mr. Karon's work on violin playing is being featured in installments in that magazine. Upon completion, the work will be published in book form.


Kultura, Historia, Polityka
a new Polish bi-monthly
Editor: Andrzej Nowak
Advisory and Editorial Boards include Jadwiga Staniszkis, Jacek Trznadel, Jaroslaw Zadencki, Jan Prokop, Leszek Elektorowicz, Krzysztof Kakolewski, Ryszard Legutko, Bohdan Pociej, W.P. SzymaŸski, Leszek D½ugosz, Jaros;aw Marek Rymkiewicz.
Subscription price: $60.00
Payable to account #323415-721875-136 in Bank Przemyslowo-Handlowy. S.A. IV, Krakow
Editorial address: 31-133 Krakow, ul.
Dunajewskiego 6, IIp., tel. 22-84-48

We would like to thank the following persons and institutions for their contribution to the Sarmatian Review Publication Fund between March 15, 1995 and August 15, 1995:
Mr. & Mrs. Vassil & Roza Ekimov, Dr. Boguslaw Godlewski, Ms. Iga J. Henderson, Mr. & Mrs. Jan & Hanna Karon (twice), Mr. & Mrs. Chester H. & Krystyna Kurk, Dr. Tad Z. Laskowski, Mr. & Mrs. Tadeusz & Krystyna Pawulski.

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