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Interesting Polish periodicals to subscribe to:
Arka: literatura, historia, polityka [The Ark: Literature, History, Politics], a bi-monthly published by Arka Press and edited by Andrzej Nowak. In Polish. Arka's Advisory Board lists Saul Bellow, Alain Besanšon, Francois Bondy, Melvin Lasky, Richard Pipes and Roger Scruton. Hands down the best Polish intellectual journal, far superior to the Paris Kultura which seems to have outlived its days of glory. Arka publishes significant and seminal essays on matters crucial to Polish culture. A subscription is highly recommended. Editorial address: Rynek Kleparski 4, IVp. 31-150 Krakow, Poland. Tel. [48-12] 22-96-99, fax [48-12] 21-75-02. Based on the Polish subscription price, yearly subscription should be about 70 dollars payable to Arka Press S.A., PKO S.A. o/Krakow, Rynek Glowny 31, Nr 5.35078-7002476-2511-20-1110.
Powsciagliwosc: i Praca [Self-Restraint and Work], a monthly published by the Michalineum [the Michaelite Fathers]. In Polish. This cultural and social monthly offers a range of views on topics of personal, cultural and social interest. Based on the Polish subscription price, yearly subscription should be 25 dollars payable to NBP PKO o/W Wolomin 1746-9276-136. Editorial address: PiP, ul. Pilsudskiego 248-252, 05-261 Marki-Struga k. Warszawy, Poland.
Lad [Orderliness, or Harmony], a weekly advertising itself as Catholic and published by a consortium headed by Janusz Zablocki. In Polish. Based on the Polish subscription price, yearly subscription should be about 45 dollars (surface mail) payable to "Ruch" S.A. oddzia= Warszawa, 00-958 Warszawa, konto PKB XIII Oddzial Warszawa 370044-1195-139-11. Editorial address: Lad, ul. Mokotowska 45, Skr. poczt. 79, 00-950 Warszawa, Poland.
Polish school needs physics and computer labs
Queen Jadwiga Academy, a senior high school run by the Servants of Mary in Przysucha, Poland, was opened three years ago. It started from scratch, and its computer and physics labs are particularly poorly endowed. The school needs computers and printers, in addition to lab equipment. Scholarships for needy students are most gratefully received. Address: S. Kazimiera Kowalczyk, M.A., Director, Prywatne Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. Krolowej Jadwigi, Mariowka, 16-400 Przysucha, Poland. The picture to the right shows three coeds at the school. Photo by Ryszard Matyka, OFM.
More e-mail addresses
Not only President Clinton () and vice-President Gore () can be accessed by e-mail. Polish Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak's address is . This according to Donosy, 1 June 1994.
We keep getting SR copies back because some subscribers and donors have not notified us of the change of address. Sorry to say so, but the M.D.s are particularly prone to neglect the small task of notifying this Polish journal of their change of address. Please send us your new address promptly if you move, and remind your friends to do likewise. Thanks.
In the previous issue, we incorrectly identified Zbigniew Herbert's Hermes, pies i gwiazda [1957] as his first volume of poetry. It was his second. The first was Struna swiatla [1956].

We would like to thank the following persons for their donations to The Sarmatian Review Publication Fund in April-August 1994:

Mr. & Mrs. Tadeusz & Zofia Burzynski, Mr. & Mrs. Vassil & Roza Ekimov, Dr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Frankowski, Mr. & Mrs. R. & J. Gasiorowski of ROMIC CYCLE COMPANY, Dr. & Mrs. Boguslaw Godlewski, Ms. Iga Henderson, Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Jachimczyk, Dr. Andrzej Jakubowiak & Ms. Krystyna Olkiewicz, Col. (U.S. Army ret.) Francis C. Kajencki, Mr. & Mrs. Jan & Hanna Karon, Mr. & Mrs. Waldemar Kielkowski, Mr. & Mrs. Casimir & Mira Pieniazek, Dr. Halina W. Potts, Drs. Waldemar & Teresa Priebe, Mr. Richard C. Prusinski, Dr. & Mrs. Andrew & Patricia Thomas, Ms. Krystyna Wroblicka.

The present issue is sponsored in part by a bequest from the late Dr. Marian Krzyzaniak, Henry S. Fox, Sr., Emeritus Professor of Economics at Rice University.

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